Signs You Should Fire Your Personal Trainer

October 13, 2014

It is always an asset to have a competent and compatible personal trainer who knows his business well. It is best to check the credentials of your personal trainer and find out if he has completed relevant UK certification for Personal Training. If he has not completed the regular personal trainer courses and does not possess the necessary certifications from nationally recognized and acclaimed Sports & Fitness institutes, you have every right to fire him.

Firing Your Personal Trainer for Issues Related to You

You may discontinue with the services of your personal trainer for a number of valid reasons:

UK certification for Personal Training

Firing Your Personal Trainer for His Lapses

A personal trainer should serve as a role model and he should have the necessary qualities. Reasons why you may ask him to quit:

Attain Your Goal Easily with Well-qualified and Fully Upgraded Trainer

Your trainer should have accomplished one or multiple personal trainer courses including level 2 gym instructor course from a fully accredited institute, to be able to customize and fine tune fitness regimen to work to your advantage. Your personal trainer should keep himself abreast with cutting-edge techniques and innovative products that aid and boost weight loss.

Signs your Body Needs a Break From Exercising

August 20, 2014

You may be an exercise freak and look forward to every visit to the gym. However, too much of anything can turn out to be a bad thing. Sometimes, people including professional athletes experience burn out when they exercise too much. Over exercising can also lead to muscle tears and damage. If it is not controlled in time, it could lead to other problems that can turn out to be serious. It is always a good idea to take a break from your workout schedule, just like you take a break from your work. Here are the signs to look out for so ascertain if your body needs a break from exercising,

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Muscle Strain

If you suddenly seem to be suffering from muscle strains more than once a week, maybe it is time to give your body a break. Exercising regularly has it’s pros but over exercising can damage the joints and muscles. This is why you should always exercise under the supervision of a group personal training Coogee or fitness instructor at a gym. If you experience pain, swelling, discomfort when you move and so on, it is time to give your workout a break.

Joint Pains

Exercise should help you alleviate joint problems but if you experience pain in the joints when you move, talk to your personal trainer from Chances are, your body probably needs rest and needs to avoid physical movement for the joints to heal. Sometimes, it could also mean that you have suffered an injury while working out but haven’t realized it. A quick visit to the doctor can help you ascertain the cause and solution. However, in short, any physical discomfort should be dealt with by immediately stopping your exercise routine for a while.

Inability to Exercise

If you suddenly realize that you aren’t being able to complete your work out as well as your used to, maybe you should take a break. You may be used to a thirty minute or one hour regime at the gym. But when you suddenly feel more tired or experience discomfort way before your time is up, talk to your group personal training Coogee. While on the one hand it could signify a medical problem, on the other hand, it could just mean that your body needs a break. A short period of rest would be enough to rejuvenate and you can get back to your workout after a week or two.

Extreme Fatigue

Exercise is supposed to help you overcome fatigue. However, if you suddenly feel more tired after your workout and can’t even undertake your daily chores anymore, it is time to reconsider. Try to take a break from your workout and try to evaluate your lifestyle. Maybe certain changes need to be made in sleeping habits or food habits. Once you identify what it wrong it will be easy to deal with and when you are ready, you can start your exercise routine again. Your group personal training Coogee will easily be able to advice you on how to deal with this problem too.